“I wanted to write to express how insightful and meaningful your article [Spring Cleaning Your Emotional Closet] was.  Everything you spoke of was on point, intelligent, and full of compassion.  I am an avid reader, but rarely find time to respond to articles I read.  However, over my morning chaos of getting four kids to school as a single mom, I felt compelled to take a minute.  I am going to hang this on my fridge for a constant reminder.  In the world of a mom, making it to the fridge is a high honor.   Thank you for a wonderful start to my day!”

            “He helped me with sorting out my feelings, and opening my eyes to the many ways I could solve a problem. He is not only amazing with his interpersonal skills and ability to help increase one’s self- confidence, but his many creative strategies to turn lives around is magical.”

          “I was skeptical going into marriage counseling but I have to admit that you really helped us. Your caring and yet no-nonsense approach forced us both to really own up to our issues and map out a path to a better future together.”

          “Thank you so much for working with my son. We struggled for so long with his lack of motivation and confrontational behavior. Things are so much better now both at home and at school. We’ve really noticed a difference and he seems so much happier.”

            “I have been seeing Jeremy on a weekly basis for slightly over a year now (~14 months), and can say with confidence that Jeremy has assumed the role of both a therapist and mentor while helping me climb out of a rut in my life. His consistently amicable and understanding attitude has enabled me to look inward at myself and work to become a happier, better individual in almost every facet of my life. His patience and general knowledge have enabled him to relate to most of my problems, and counsel me with life experience as well as job experience.
Mr. Skow is also very knowledgeable in pop and video game culture, which has led to countless instances of cheerful banter and in depth discussions of my interests and the interests we share, which in turn has enabled me to feel significantly more at ease when seeing him. His experience with substance abuse counseling has also shed a fair amount of insight on my video gaming habits, which I believe is a unique perspective that I may not have found if i had spoken to someone else.
Jeremy’s skill and reliability as a counselor is something that I can directly point to as a motivating factor and reason for my success in the past year. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a counselor for him/herself and especially to anyone who feels that video games might have a negative impact on their life.”

          “My husband was very resistant to couple’s therapy, but you made it such a comfortable experience for him that he now actually looks forward attending our sessions!  I wanted to thank you for all your help as things are finally getting better at home….”